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Core Assessment: Warfare and Culture: Chapter 9 LE300: Integrative & Interdisciplinary Learning Capstone James XXXXX Abstract Through investigation of Lee’s, “Warfare and Culture in World History”, Chapter 9, titled “The American Culture of War in the Age of Artificial War (Adrian Lewis), one can learn the transformation of the American culture through a military perspective. This chapter provides readers with an in depth look into the traditional culture of war and how it transforms into a more advanced, refined, futuristic culture. We learn how the psychology, sociology, beliefs, concerns, approaches, and connections to the community are all altered through the change in culture. It is explained that despite the…show more content…
In the beginning, it was important to have Americans involved in wars and know what we are faced with but that culture has reformed as well into one that keeps military affairs at a minimum. CLO 2 When comparing and contrasting among history, literature, psychology, in terms of the central concern, values, approaches, and the connection they share with the community, one will find the transformations of the culture in war amazing. Throughout the test of time, the central concern has always been having power for the US. History shows that winning wars, being a power house, a leader, is about domination. The mentality is to win, allowing for authority. The values of the culture in war have transformed. One of the values was in the soldiers’ fight not life. With time, the human life of the troop gained significance. As people of the country gained financial security, they no longer wanted to be obligated to military affairs, allowing for a militarism that meant no forcing of war, but instead financing troops. The change in “revolutionary technologies” has also given way to a more futuristic approach when handling military affairs. The advancements has made it so that war is no longer a must, or a fight for survival, but a business that as lead to power. The text explains the American people are no longer involved as once before, instead they have detached from affairs of the

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