Lead And Manage Organizational Change

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Lead and manage organizational change Assessment task 1 Requirements for change which are linked to the organisations strategic plan goals: ZieTel Logistics’ strategic goals are: • To design and accommodate the current product lines to meet the required standards of food safety guidelines and procedures. • To implement and maintain a CRM system to ensure 100% of business data capturing and communication process. The corporate strategy is to ensure that the basis of changes in the organization is still in a changing environment. It deals with the institutional capacity to maintain the performance and related changes over time. The organization cannot be modified to become more unusual and counter-productive, it does not matter. With the changes in business than financial costs, prospects for the development, production and reputation than necessary provisions groaning and moaning, ZieTel Logistics needs to manage the change process. Organizational change is a process to create a new way of thinking mobile, behaviour and performance. There are three basic types of organizational change. Each of them requires different efforts and manual steps, each with different risks. • Enhanced customization or what already exists in order to optimize the development. • Changes in the transition period from the old to the new state, and focus on the reconstruction and "off" at the age pattern suitable for the project activities. Most of the literature focuses on the changes in change
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