Lead Like Jesus By Ken Blanchard

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Lead Like Jesus Authors Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges are two great friends who had a hope of getting others to experience Jesus in a whole new way, growing and trusting Him as the one to ultimately seek as the perfect one to lead others. I believe the two said it best when they defined leadership as “a process of influence. Anytime you seek to influence the thinking, behavior, or development of people in their person or professional lives, you are taking on the role of a leader.” (pg.18) Leadership is an entire process of influence. It was easy to start reading this book with presuppositions that it would be another Sunday school lesson about Jesus being the one we need to ask for directions and how we are called to live like Him daily. What I was not expecting when I started this book was that I would self-evaluate myself in everyday situations and reflect on how I could better myself as a leader and lead others to the Lord through my daily conversations and eventually my future career. This book serves as a text to inform you on leadership qualities in the business world, personal relationships and in having a more personal relationship with God. At the beginning of the book, Blanchard and Hodges encourage you to do seven things before reading; “begin in prayer, skim through the entire book, read each chapter and underline key thoughts, take time to pause and reflect, summarize you ideas and reflections, share with others what you have learned and periodically review…
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