Lead Poisoning: Why Do Fireflies Blow In The Dark?

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There is a bacteria that can glow. In the future people will think that this will replace the need for modern lighting. In California there is a huge field with a super bloom of flowers. This is very strange because California is in its biggest drought they’ve seen a long time. Why is the color blue so calming The color blue is so calming because when we see the color blue our body produces calming chemicals making us more content. While blue is the opposite of red because red is a really intense color making the body feel more intense. Studies show that blue is a more productive color, maybe that’s why the word document is blue. Men are more likely to work out harder in a blue room. Why do fireflies glow in the dark? Fireflies glow at…show more content…
Like in flint Michigan they are having a water crisis. The water in Flint contains lead and can lead to lead poisoning. People in Michigan are really mad because they are paying for water that they can’t even use. The water kind of looks like urine. It’s a huge possibility that the crisis can lead its way to North Carolina. Lead poisoning is really dangerous because it can lead to brain cancer or even death. What is lead poisoning? Leading poisoning is when lead gets into the body. Lead is the main ingredient in paint. The crisis in Flint is poisoning thousands of people and killing even more. The sad part about it is that nobody is even helping the fact that people are dying and getting hurt. Why is the sky blue? The sky is blue because the sun is reflecting of the ocean. Light scatters, like at sunsets the light makes the sky red and orange. If we didn’t have and ocean the sky would probably be brown or blue. That’s why at night they sky is black because the sun cant reflect off the ocean. The ocean is like a mirror reflecting from the sky. The sky is mostly blue because the earth is made mostly up of water. The earth has about 80 percent water and most of the water we drink are underground and in ice caps. That’s why water is so hard to obtain. We need to put most of our water into the water
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