Lead Time Management in Garment Sector

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Lead Time Management in the Garment Sector of Bangladesh: An Avenues for Survival and Growth
Nuruzzaman Department of Marketing, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh Ahasanul Haque Department of business Administration, International Islamic University Malaysia, Box No. 10, 50728 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Abstract Bangladesh has emerged as an important supplier of quality readymade garments in the global market. The spectacular growth of garment sector in Bangladesh in recent years has dramatically changed the landscape of export composition of the country. Once heavily dependent on
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We have to give all out support to this sector and have to build up the backward linkage industry to reduce the dependence on imported raw materials and to minimize lead-time. Therefore, we need to find out some alternative supply mechanism to minimize lead-time. Here in this study steps also will be taken to focus on the lead-time management by presenting some successful and unsuccessful operations in the lead-time management process. The purpose of the present study is about analysing the existing situation specially the lead-time management in the RMG sector of Bangladesh.

Theoretical Concepts
RMG Business Structure Readymade garment is a labour intensive industry and relatively simple technology compared to other high-tech industries. The RMG manufacturing units are like tailor’s shop; getting order from the foreign buyers and then import raw materials specially fabrics from the foreign suppliers or sometimes buy from the local market as per order, then manufacture garments and supply those to the buyers (Munir, Q. and Salim, R. 2000).
Figure 1: Business Structure of Bangladeshi RMG Industries

Foreign buyers Supply of finished goods Local raw materials suppliers
Collect raw materials

Garments company (Manu
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