Lead and Manage a Team Within a Health and Social Care or Children and Young People's Setting

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UNIT 147 Lead and manage a team within a health and social care or children and young people’s setting 1. Understand the features of effective team performance within a health and social care or children and young people’s setting 1.1 Team effectiveness can be seen as constituting five main components: * Task effectiveness – the extent to which the team is successful in achieving it’s task-related objectives. * Team member well-being – refers to factors such as the well-being or mental health (e.g., stress), growth and development of team members. * Team viability – the likelihood that a team will continue to work together and function effectively. * Team innovation – the extent to which the team develops and…show more content…
Challenges are likely to derive from the following reasons: * Misunderstood, or ill-defined goals * A lack of focus on team dynamics * A lack of communication among team members * Insufficient or unequal commitment to the team’s performance * Gaps in critical skills * Unresolved internal conflict * External misunderstanding, hostility, or indifference from other groups. Conflict among team members is a challenge which always seems to be occurring in one way or another over a small period of time or larger. Conflict can be formed in many different ways and if unresolved can lead to more severe consequences. Having strategies in place can help leaders to deal with such issues and challenges and help to keep them to a minimum. 1.4 When leading an established or developing team it is important to recognise any challenges that may occur and deal with it as soon as possible to try and prevent the issue escalating. The initial thing to do in order to overcome any challenge is to identify the problem and its causes. When these are identified, a strategy can be put into place as to how to best solve the problem at hand. It is also important to follow up the situation after the initial problem has been resolved in order to make sure the problem will not recur. Challenges which occur are usually down to misunderstandings or lack of communication. In order to overcome these issues it is important to create a good
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