Leader 's Name : Min Yi Essay

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BA352 Paper Leader’s name: Min Yi E-mail: maggie19901104@hotmail.com Our team interviewed owner of the Legend of Szechuan Restaurant: Min Yi, in the restaurant, Min Yi acting like a manager; she is mainly responsible for managing the order of the staff and the kitchen, moreover, she also supervise the quality of all food. As a service industry, the quality of food and staff performance is very important for the survival of the restaurant. In the interview, Min Yi talked about value of her employees: “The vision of the Legend of Szechuan is to offer quality products and services of international standards taking into consideration the use of advanced equipment, well trained stuff and an up to date technology”. She knows how important employees are, and she also knows the cost of training a new qualified employee is huge. Min Yi is also a very professional HR, she will have several thorough conversation with every potential staff, try to know them better, because as she said: “As the owner of the restaurant, I utilize division of labor and specialization in running my business successfully thus divided my workers into small sections.” The selection was done based on the skills of each worker that were determined during the interview and seminars, there is also seasonally shifts of employees to different section, in the process developing a wholesome employee and also learning their areas of strength and weakness. The restaurant demonstrated its goal of spirit and equality, not
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