Leaders Are Born Not Made

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Leadership Development In today’s business world, organizations will tell you there are numerous factors that contribute to the overall success of the company. These factors include great people, great culture, great leadership, great operations, and a great vision for the organization. In my opinion, great leaders are the ones who inspire and motivate the employees to be the best they can be. We have all heard the saying that “leaders are born not made”, but I would argue great leadership takes a heavy dose of self-reflection and discipline, along with consistent and constant educational and mentoring experiences. Having been in leadership roles for over 22 years of my life, I can assure you I am not the same leader today, that I was 20 years ago. The key for organizational success is to have people that want to be developed while developing others. Great leaders typically breed great leaders, and these successors are the future leadership of one’s organization or the next. Dubrin (2016) stated that leadership development programs are widely practiced in a variety of ways across a variety of organizations. My research proved him right when comparing leadership programs from the healthcare, fire, and education industries. In this paper, I will explain how leaders develop through self-awareness and self-discipline. In addition, I will also discuss how leaders develop through education, experience, and mentoring, along classifying the nature of these leadership

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