Leaders Are Not Made, They Are Exposed

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Individual Analysis of Group Two Leaders emerge under different situations and circumstances. Pepicello (2016) argues that “leaders are not made, they are exposed” (W. Pepicello, personal communication, June 22, 2016). This is generally observed when working as a team on a project, especially in a virtual group setting where members are separated by time, distance, and communication, collaboration or getting members to fully participate in the project take more effort than in a face-to-face setting (Malthotra, Majchrzak & Rosen, (2007). Over a period of seven weeks, Group Two members clearly demonstrated not only leadership traits, but leader-follower relationship. This paper discusses the emergence of and presence of “leadership” or…show more content…
Once the group was formed, John immediately contacted group members and suggested a distance education leader to the group, Dr. William Pepicello, the former president of the University of Phoenix. He also suggested the mode of communication, (a free conference call without video) to discuss the interview questions, and a work area for the posting documents or other matter pertaining to the group. Every team member got on-board. However, due to a new email system, Office 365, at Montgomery College, emails from outside the college were delayed and I was unable to receive or respond to any email coming from the group in a timely fashion during the first week. However, once my email was functional and running, I immediately communicated and collaborated with the group and was committed to playing my part. We all worked as a team and to an extent, exercised a power base of reciprocity. Each member shared the responsibility of doing his or her assigned part of the project with the expectation that each member is obligated to fulfil his or her part (Raven, 2008). Melanie had also suggested another distance education leader, Robert W. Mendenhall (President Emeritus of Western Governor 's University) and had already done some research on him. The group agreed to interview Dr. Pepicello but kept Mendenhall as a backup.
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