Leaders , Are They Born or Made?

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Q 3. Organizational success depends ultimately on the qualities of its leaders. But are leaders born successful or can they be trained? Use theories and evidences to support your discussion. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Leadership is the competency and capability to influence and motivate people towards the fulfilment of goals .Thereby, leadership within any organization, is most definitely a critical factor of organizational efficacy. Leaders also embody a vision for future, and a good leader possesses the quality to cope and evolve with change. The need of a leader in any given organizational setup, is imperative to the growth and future of the organization. “Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable…show more content…
| | The crux of the model states that low and high LPC leaders are each effective if | |placed in the right situation. | 2.3.2 Hersey and Blanchard’s Model This model of leadership requires the leader to identify the demands of the situation and then choose and implement the appropriate leadership response. The theory also lays emphasis on the readiness of the followers and their reaction to a specific task. It also asserts that an effective leader assess the changing situations , and guages the readiness of the followers to the same and implements necessary changes in the pattern of leadership , in order to accommodate the change. Fig 2.2 [pic] Source: Killian The above diagram illustrates the different patterns of leadership behaviour Table 2.4 -Interpretation S1- telling style- gives specific directions and closely supervises the followers. S2-selling style- explains decisions and provides opportunity to clarify S3-participating style- shares ideas openly and involve sin decision making. S4-delegating style- provides little in terms of direction and support for

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