Leaders Eat Last And The Purpose Of An Organization

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“Who is willing to rush into battle, into an organization and be the most effective leader, while placing their personal interests aside for the well-being of their subordinates?” Expanded upon, is this question, in the book, Leaders Eat Last and the purpose of this essay is to further analyze and summarize that book. An effective leader is a person who is able to selflessly lead others, while maintaining a level of motivation for those who are working to accomplish a common task. Great leaders, such as Army Officers, effectively utilize various techniques, which collaboratively will help better that leader’s intended outcomes. A leader who intends to encourage subordinates must ensure that he or she expresses appropriate and plausible direction to others. This style of leadership, when used correctly, can help form the most effective organizations. Even though leaders must occasionally maintain a stringent organization, they must ensure that an optimal work environment is in place for their subordinates because of the psychological, philosophical and physiological effects that leaders have on their subordinates.
The psychology of leadership, described in Leaders Eat Last, involves maintaining a positive environment for those being lead. The environment for subordinates should be a place of encouragement. Making the workplace environment a place of encouragement allows others in the organization feel valuable and urges them to do more for the organization. This…
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