Leaders Learn By Leading, And They Learn Best

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Ch 7: Agree: “Leaders learn by leading, and they learn best by leading in the face of obstacles” (p.138). Rationale: I agree with this statement as we only learn when we actually get do something or experience it. You cannot learn things just by reading or achieve leadership skills by just listening to the lectures. “You can’t learn it by reading up on it, you’ve got to do it” (p.138).Yes, reading and listening to the lectures may help us understand the concept of leadership skills, but you actually need to lead to become an effective leader. For an example, while I was in nursing school I always read books and notes that helped me become an effective nursing student, but I became an effective nurse once I faced many obstacles on the floor. At the long term facilities nurses are not just the nurses, they are also the leaders, so to become an effective leader I learned to lead from hardships I faced on the floor such as short staffing, trying to solve conflict between the CNA’s, managing patient assignments for the CNA’s etc. The “wisdom is gained through pain and reflection” (p.137). Our hardships and past experiences make us the people we are and without these two things we would not learn the lifetime lessons. Disagree: “The more experience and the more tests you survive, the more apt you are to be a good leader (p.138).” Rationale: I disagree with this statement because I know people who have much more experience than I do and they still tend to fail in many things. Many
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