Leaders Will Have Tribulation, Selfless Service And Crisis

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An excellent leader is one who integrated disciplines which ensure personal resilience, and promote resilience in other in the organization. This paper presents three following concepts: Leaders Will Have Tribulation, Selfless Service and Crisis Defines Character.
Group Consensus
Leaders Will Have Tribulation Dees (2013) noted that leaders are all at war, whether on the battlefront, where opponents and opposing ideas meet, or home front, whether in the boardroom or in the classroom. The tribulation is not just from the enemies it is also from the friendlies. A leader faces or carries not only his own battles and burdens, but also of the battles and burdens of those under his or her leadership. The greatest challenge of leadership is, even when the vision is clearly defined and strong and the leader is optimistic, the ones being led have goals that do not align with the goals espoused by the organization. (Nehring & Lohmeier, 2010). A leader should expect tribulation, and lead with excellence through the realities of success and failure. Therefore, an effective leaders have to put on the armor of god and be prepared for the future traumas of life because there will be tribulation. (Dees, 2013). Leadership truly is a contact sport because a good leader endures tribulations, and at times makes sacrifices to benefit the organization while filtering his or her way through diverse situations.
Selfless Service “Selfless Service is serving others without regard to self and

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