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Leaders and Leadership An Analysis of Kevin Rollins and his Leadership Style MBA 517 –T Outcomes This paper will discuss some elements on what makes an effective leader and how their leadership style can transform a company. This paper will specifically discuss the leadership style of Kevin Rollins, who was the chief executive officer of the computer giant, Dell from 2004-2007 (BBC 2007). In 2004, Mr. Rollins took over the CEO position from the company’s founder, Michael Dell. This transition allowed Mr. Rollins to take over the day-to-day business operations, take on new responsibilities, and…show more content…
He takes these findings and utilizes them to learn more about himself and to grow as a leader. As described above, due to Rollins’s personality weaknesses, he makes a bad first impression. Once people meet him and converse, they find that he is a warm and easygoing person although it might take a second or third impression to discover that. Although Rollin’s has weaknesses, one cannot deny that along with his strengths, it makes for a great leader. Transformational Leadership Transformational leadership occurs when a leader transforms or changes his or her followers in important ways that result in followers trusting the leader; performing behaviors that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals; and being motivated to perform at high levels. Moreover, transformational leaders increase subordinates’ awareness regarding the importance of performing their job duties well and to work for the good of the organization rather than completely for their own benefit. Transformational leaders also make subordinates more interested in the need for their own personal development and growth, which can also benefit the organization as a whole due to having more cultivated employees. Transformational leaders themselves have high levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, and enthusiasm. Additionally, they clearly and effectively communicate their ideas

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