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Leaders and Managers Leaders and managers are two individual roles with multiple intertwining definitions. In order to be a leader, one must have followers, however; does not everyone under management, follow the managers orders? Therefore, the question arises, are managers leaders? If so, what constitutes as leadership? Obviously, in order to obtain these roles, one must have influence over their subordinates, but does the level of influence fluctuate between a manager’s role and a leaders role? What exactly are their individual roles and are they one in the same? The purpose of this paper is to analysis these questions and to distinguish the differences and similarities between managers and leaders and the possibility of one individual…show more content…
Influence It is obvious that managers and leaders both have an influence over subordinates and followers, but to what degree? Managers oversee an organizations overall performance, where as a leader oversees a group of members and related work. A leader possesses the interpersonal communication abilities needed to keep their followers informed, motivated, and headed in the right direction. Therefore, they tend to have directly connected working relationships with their followers. Managers, on the other hand, tend to influence indirectly and their interpersonal relationships are limited to those who obtain and relay information to and for them. Both managers and leaders have the role of motivating, but to depend greatly on the amount of interaction they have with their subordinates and followers. Role Sharing So it comes to stand that while the titles of manager and leader are separate, but codependent, can one individual have both roles? The answer is yes, in some cases, and no in others. “A person can be a leader without being a manager..., and a person can be a manager without leading” (Yukl, 2010, p. 6). To be a leader one simply has to have the ability to motivate members of their organization to perform at the highest level and with unity and harmony (Jones & George, 2007). Leadership can be challenging at times due to environmental factors and different cultures.

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