Leaders and Managers in Health Care

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Leaders’ and Managers’ Impact on Health Care Healthy working areas are necessary in preserving positive interactions amongst nurses and between the patients and the nurses. The stressors within nursing may cause burnout and nonattendance or absenteeism which then may cause a shortage in health care (Shirey, 2006). A leader is vital in helping to maintain retention of the nursing population as this person will have positive influence on the environment where nurses practice. A smooth operating environment is likely to have excellent results for the nurse and the patient. This paper will talk about the nurse to patient ratio, describe leadership with management, along with a contrast and compare of the two. Furthermore, this paper will…show more content…
The manager approach to the nurse to patient ratio may be more indirect. Managers tend to communicate with nurse leaders regarding work conditions in the unit. At the level of management, performance matters most and patient satisfaction is important. As long as nurses perform to the best of their ability, patient satisfaction will increase. “In nursing, the management process consists of gathering data, planning, organizing and administrating staff, leadership, and control. Viewed as a management activity, the allocation of staff entails the maintenance of a proper workers-to-work ratio and is therefore essential for a favorable outcome” (Fagerstrom, 2009). “Leadership is influencing people and in contrast, management involves influencing employees to meet goals and is focused primarily on organizational goals and objectives” (Huber, 2010). A few contrasts are mentioned within the textbook reading. “The leader focuses on people, whereas the manager focuses on systems and structures. A leader innovates whereas a manager administers. And managers cope with complexity whereas leaders cope with change.” (Huber, 2010) Approach to Leadership The leadership approach suits this writer’s nursing philosophy. This writer believes in similar values as that of a leader. This writer does her best work on the front lines of nursing; collaborating with teams, communicating with fellow nurses, and coordinating patient care. This writer is motivated by encouraging
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