Leaders as Motivators

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To be considered an effective leader one has to have the ability to prompt the group or team to obtain attain a quality level of work, productivity and some level of satisfaction in the job being done (Durbin, 2010, p. 98). Whether one is a natural “Problem Solver” or “Developer” type of leader, there is an underlying trait that all successful leaders seem to share; this is the ability to motivate or impel others to action. For example, the CEO of Coca-Cola Inc. Muhtar Kent , was once questioned if visiting stores and manufacturing facilities(as well as other stops along the supply chain) was considered prudent use of his time. Kent’s response was that it is time well spent if it helps to “motivate his employees” (Ignatius, 2011).…show more content…
If they do not think they can do what is being asked of them then the doubt will outweigh any glimpse of motivation. As the motivator, you also have to make sure the reward is of value to that person. There is no motivation to work toward a prize that one does not desire. Last, the worker must truly believe that their work will be rewarded as the motivator promised. Once these three areas are addressed the leader can act as motivator to those that respond to this type of motivation strategy. The second motivational theory is Goal Theory. Goal Theory is the rationale that behavior is based on and regulated by behavior and goals (Durbin, 2010, p. 290). Employee goal setting and action plans can be used to motivate and keep employees on track and aligned with company goals. To use this as an effective motivation tool certain details should be considered. The leader as motivator should include the employee/team in the goal setting process. This process will help to further enhance productivity in that the individuals as well as the team dynamic are more apt to invest into work goals that they had a part in developing if the goals are linked to performance evaluation. The Leader/Motivator must also be aware of pitfalls related to using motivational skills based on goal theory. Once a goal is set an attitude from all levels can surface to obtain the goal by any means necessary leading to unethical/undesirable behavior. The Leader should
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