Leaders of The Civil Rights Movement

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Michael King was an amazing Civil Rights movement leader. At a young age he knew racism was not only bad against his race, but was against God’s will. He was raised with the church background of The Dexter Avenue Baptist Church of Montgomery. Martin Luther King Jr. believed everyone was equal, he fought for African American rights, and spoke for equality until the end. Martin Luther King Jr. always knew everyone was equal. No matter what race you are, you are just as equal as the person beside you. Ever since Martin Luther King Jr. was a young boy, he had a church background. Martins father was a pastor. As Martin got older and went to college he actually turned against ministry. Later on down the road Martin decided to take a bible class. This class changed Martins thoughts. After King graduated college he became a minister of the Dexter Avenue Baptist church of montgomery, and a social activist. Age 26, was Martin Luther King Jr.’s first leadership of civil rights. His first mission was after Rosa Parks got arrested. Martin got a call from a group named Montgomery Improvement Association. The group had chose Martin Luther King Jr. to be their leader. Of course Martin wanted to help, so him and Nixon met at the NAACP to plan the boycott. The Montgomery bus boycott ended up lasting 381 days into December 1956. Finally the U.S supreme court ruled that the segregation law was unconstitutional. Montgomery buses were integrated. This was Martin Luther…
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