Leadership 100: Journal Reflection

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Leadership 100: Journal Reflection #1
Knowledge of how to be a respected leader, in my opinion, is a vital part of functioning in society. Leadership not only plays a role in the workplace but in how people interact socially and form connections with others. For much of my life I have been a reserved person and have often experienced trouble expressing my opinions and having a voice in the conversation. In a group I was a follower rather than an individual who would come up with creative ideas and make a game plan.
In 8th grade I began to realize the importance of leadership and I decided to join a mentoring program for the new sixth graders entering the school. Originally nervous about joining a group focused on leadership, I soon found my
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Although similar to my experience in Middle school I took a larger role around the community. By attending events like Back to School night, Transition night, and Night of Excellence I felt like I was not only being a leader but becoming a more involved person who was a role model to others.
Another way I have developed into a leader is through my involvement of sports. I played soccer for around 8 years and participated in cross county for two years. My sophomore year of high school I was placed on a team filled mostly with freshman and realized I had an opportunity to become a leader and was eventually named co-captain. As a leader, I offered encouragement to my teammates and pushed them to always put forth their best effort. That year, my team won the majority of our games and constantly beat the junior varsity team who was a level above us.
One of the most important things that plays a role in my life is the outdoors. Ever since I was very young I have gone on rafting trips, skiing, and hiking. I believe that leadership also plays a role in going outdoors. Because of my experience I can help people develop skills that are practical for the outdoors. This also applies to taking care of the environment and informing people on things such as recycling and leaving no
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