Leadership : A Leader From A Great One

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Leadership Takes Grit SSG McCool, Tanner K. SSG Rosensteel, Shawn P. 10 June 2016 Leadership Takes Grit “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.” (General George S. Patton) The ethereal spirit of man that Gen. Patton is speaking of is what some believe separates a passable leader from a great one. The Army attempts to define and quantify this intangible quality through the use of the Leadership Requirement Model and its attributes and competencies. The portion of the Leadership Requirement model that best embodies this vague quality, while still falling short, is the Leads portion of the Core Competencies. This Competency encompasses…show more content…
The Staff Sergeant was serving as a squad leader prior to Operation Yukon Recovery, but for this mission he was the platoon leader. The reason for this is because the Lieutenant being removed from his position and the Sergeant First Class becoming the Company First Sergeant. A soldier in the platoon had badly sprained his ankle during the operation. Medical evacuation and resupply was near impossible due to the high number of casualties the Brigade was taking and the number of units that had air assaulted in for the operation. On the first night after the soldier sprained his ankle, while in a patrol base, the Staff Sergeant went into the soldier’s rucksack and took out all the special equipment the soldier was carrying leaving just personal items, food, and water for the soldier to carry, telling another soldier who saw him, “Nobody finds out about this.” The soldier was attempting to push through the pain and not hold up the patrol, because that was the only option. The Staff Sergeant was consistently checking on the soldier while motivating him to keep pushing on. On the third day, and fourth attempt for medical evacuation or resupply, again Battalion informed the Staff Sergeant that there would be no evacuation. The Staff Sergeant demanded to talk to the Battalion Commander, and vigorously explained the dire situation to the Battalion Commander. After several transmissions, back and forth,
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