Leadership : A Nurse Manager Of The Telemetry Floor At The Hospital

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Introduction Leadership is an important part of almost all profession. It is no surprise that the role of nursing profession evolving, with that evolution, leadership is becoming more and more important. Leadership establishes an environment that foster personal and professional growth. Nursing is a profession that put huge emphasis on leadership skills. Leadership is such an essential part of our health care system, which can greatly impact the quality, accessibility and affordability of health care. Leadership establishes an environment that foster personal and professional growth. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the leadership skills in the nursing field exemplified through Mr. FG, a nurse manager in one of the best south…show more content…
FG, personal communication, March 1, 2015). The telemetry floor manager is responsible for all aspects of the unit’s operation and management. Mr. FG main job duty is to ensure the floor runs smoothly without any obstacles while providing the best possible patient care. Mr. FG currently has 78 employees (including charge nurses, staff educator, staff nurses, nurse aids, and secretaries) who report to him and he is directly responsible for. Mr. FG delegates some of the daily functions of the unit to the charge nurses, so that the unit runs smoothly while he focuses on other important his other duties. Mr. FG consider himself very professional and approach his staff member in a very professional manner and expects his staff maintaining the same professionalism with him and other team member. He also expect his staff to work as team and resolve any issue on the floor to the best of their ability in this manner. Even though his position as a manager on the floor to lead the team, but whenever there is a problem, he would like his every single member of his staff to be onboard to come up with a solution. Encourages everyone to talk to him whenever they feel the need and known for maintain an open door policy (Mr. FG, personal communication, March 1, 2015). Mr. FG reports directly to Chief Nursing Officer and the vice president of patient care services.
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