Leadership : A Successful Leader

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Leadership isn’t easy. In the moments of push and pull and on the spot decision making, all of the responsibility and possible repercussions of a bad spur of the moment decision rests on a leaders shoulder. It can be overwhelming, stressful, and even intimidating at times. At what point do I know that I am and will continue to be a successful leader? That can be a difficult question for one to answer, because success, as I have learned, is different to everyone. A great place to begin is to point out all of the things I am doing wrong as a leader. After the reading and understanding of “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”, I’ve come to learn I have a few of the “bad habits” the author pointed out. It’s a little too easy to look over the list of habits the author discusses and silently think to myself that at one time or another I am probably guilty of each one. A few that I am most guilty of are: Passing judgement, Starting with NO, BUT, HOWEVER, Failing to give proper recognition, Not listening, and Passing the buck (Goldsmith, 2007). Though I may not portray all of these bad habits on a daily basis, it’s the fact that I have exhibited them at some point in the past that is toxic to my leadership skills. I must not only point out and take responsibility for these habits, but it is also important to know how they negatively affect others around me and how I can easily change them with small behavior adjustments. It’s definitely always easier to pass judgement on others
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