Leadership : A Successful Leader

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Chapter One: Team Leadership

A successful leader to me, motivates others to achieve their full potential, leads by example and is influential to their team. Memorable leaders all possess these key qualities, whether innate or learned, and when combined correctly, can help to facilitate successful leadership. Even if a great leader innately has these qualities, leadership skills can also be further developed and gained through building up confidence, through practice and through experience. In this Chapter I will explore my Area of Learning as leadership in health care. I define as leadership as an art, the ability to adopt different leadership styles depending on the situation, being an effective leader during a crisis and communicating effectively. This chapter will elaborate on how I came to learn about this AOL from my experiences working as a team lead as I pursue my bachelor’s in health studies. The reality of being in a role as a leader has had a strong impact on my career growth. Most notably, it has given me confidence to seize the belief in myself to take the lead, and putting my ideas forward in order to implement change. As a team lead, I’m no longer simply in a role with the sole responsibility of reaching daily target goals. I am now accountable for guaranteeing that my department is doing what it 's supposed to do, and ensuring that my team is doing the right things, in the right way. In the beginning as a team lead, I learned that I was

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