Leadership : A Unique Concept Essay

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Leadership is a unique concept in the context of its impact or influence of one person on another person or a group of people. The inception of this complex notion has been in existence since the earliest time in human development cycle if one based his or her assumption of the role of power or authority leverage (Eerkens, Vaughn & Kanter, 2010). It is an abstract and intricate proposition that has many people, academicians or practitioners, to ponder in defining the true meaning of leadership, which led to variations and disagreements in how to disseminate the essence of its concepts over the years (Day & Antonakis, 2011). As one would agree, regardless of how it is defined, leadership has an important part in the coordination of any living entities that require providing direction and managing the course in the most effective and optimal route whether it is in the confinement of a small group such as a family or a conglomerate corporation in the context of family values link to the prospect of different leadership styles are applied within the work environment (Ganguli & Krishnan, 2005). This concept of leadership, as indicated, is an application of ideas and practices that can be utilized in all phases of daily activities. The historical aspect is a relevant factor when considering in the discussion of any topics that related to leadership. It can provide us a gleaming of how it was conceived, transformed, and evolved over time. Leadership ideas and concepts have been
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