Leadership Abilities And The Ways

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Leadership abilities and the ways in which we influence others can come about in many ways. From a young age, I was not presented with many ideas of good leadership. I was raised in a dysfunctional family, by two lesbian women that fought constantly, and had a father that I wouldn’t have known existed if it weren’t for annual phone calls on my birthday. With all of this surrounding me, I was a quiet and introverted “watcher” of a kid. What I watched taught me infinite knowledge about bad leadership and the effects actions can have on a person physically and emotionally, though I never saw the effects on me. As there was no representation of leadership within my family, my first true influence on my leadership style would have entered my life when I was a freshman in high school and played varsity baseball for Jimmy Webster. From the simple position of being a baseball coach, Jimmy Webster taught me so much about life (and baseball) in a span of four years, that I credit this man and the game of baseball with saving my life. 2. When studying leadership, I often hear people speak of not wanting to manipulate. Somehow leadership is defined by many in a way in which manipulation is unmentionable. Leadership is simply defined as the action of leading. That definition extremely lacking insight, and the fact that – deep down inside – I have always thought of leadership as a form of manipulation, I am forced to define the term manipulation. A simple search of
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