Leadership, An Organization, And A Christian World View

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Introduction Robert F. Dees the author of Resilient Leaders focused the chapters three and four on the core quality character traits (integrity and courage), and the highly sought quality of wisdom. Within this week studies the examination of how the above concepts affect organizations were of main importance, as the discussion progressed there is evidence that a Christian world view was used to better explain these concepts. This particular discussion post is designed to reflect the common consensus of group one regarding the three main concepts studied this week. Group Consensus Integrity, courage and wisdom was the three main concepts chosen to be of focus by group one this week. These concepts were carefully chosen with respect to leadership, an organization, and a Christian world view. A great leader embodies the above character traits (integrity and courage), and in turn enables an organization to strive from their expertise. Coupled with a Christian world view, the display of character and competence produces a wise leader. Biblical Integration There are many scriptures and stories in the Bible that illustrates lessons about the concepts of integrity, courage and wisdom. Leaders that contain these qualities and apply a Christian world view will have no problem
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