Leadership Analysis : Jack Ma

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LDR 6100 Instructor: Dr. Richard L. O’Bryant Jianyu Liu Mar 23, 2016 Leadership Analysis The leader I want to interview is Jack Ma, but it is impossible to meet him. He is the founder of Alibaba and Taobao, nowadays; he is the richest person in China. I find a speech of him in Stanford and I want to analysis his speech in Stanford about how to be a good leader. He shared a story in the speech and that speech has inspired me a lot. “That was a real story. In 1995 or 1997, I was riding my bike to work and I saw actually some people were trying to steal stuff. They were small in stature. What I did is started running around to see whether I would see a policeman. You know in 5 minutes I wasn’t able to find the policeman. I remembered that…show more content…
He offered them free tour guide so that he could practice English with them, he did that for 9 years. That is why his English is better than most Chinese Top managers, this personality inspired me a lot, as long as I have a goal, I need to do everything I can try to achieve it and I need to keep trying. It is very important for a leader to have courage to step out and make some difference. Just like Jack Ma, he was the only one who stepped out and stopped the steal. The same personally makes him to be succeed in business world, every entrepreneurs need to be like him, when entrepreneurs see opportunities, they need to have courage to take the opportunity and bear risks with it. I have seen a lot of people are so afraid of risks and not dare to take actions; they let a lot of opportunities slipped away from their hands. Therefore, it is very important for leaders to have courage taking opportunities and step out when he is needed. The second part of his speech in Stanford inspired me a lot is about how to lead a company and use professionals. “As you know, that’s back in the old days I was an English teacher. And then I started my own business and I worked for the Ministry of Foreign Trade. My monthly salary was going to be about 4000 RMB so when I started my business I only had 50000 RMB. So my competitors at that time were superior to me. Then I realized that the reason a lot of businesses went out wasn’t because they didn’t
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