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According to Yukl (Yukl, 2013) one of the many definitions of leadership is “the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable other to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organization”. Therefore it is of importance to have an effective leader in an organization to guide the company in the correct direction, in order to achieve the company’s’ main goal.
The purpose of this paper is to perform an analysis on the leadership situation within Marriott Aruba. This leadership analysis aims to serve as assessment tool designed to provide the reader a comprehensive idea of the leadership and management state of Marriott Aruba. This paper includes the study and critical analysis on leadership styles in within Marriott Aruba, based on theories of Yukl (Yukl, 2013) and other scientists. Thus, in general it intends to summarize the leadership styles and current leadership situation, including both weaknesses and strengths of the leadership state within Marriott Aruba and help the reader understand the fundamentals strategies that affect the leadership’s style of firms within this company, which is also the company I currently work for.
Interviews among the top executives within Marriott Aruba will be conducted. This interview focuses on the company parameters, the perception of the executives of the overall leadership style and the industry in which they perform.

Hospitality Industry and Plant Hotel N.V.
According to the Aruba Chamber of…

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