Leadership Analysis: Meg Whitman as Ebay CEO

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Tenure of Meg Whitman as eBay CEO Thoroughly describe the characteristics of the internal culture at eBay. EBay employs a nonhierarchical approach, and they solve problems as a team. The culture at eBay is open, honest, and employees are expected to treat each other with respect. This culture encourages employees to speak out and not be afraid for been wrong. Team discussions encourage debates in decision making. Though debates are encouraged no one is allowed to scream or throw tantrums during these debates, everyone has to argue and discuss the matter at hand with professionalism, and show respect to their fellow employees. Thoroughly describe the characteristics of the external community culture at eBay. EBay is a website by the people, of the people, for the people. That is why it has the culture of trust, openness, respect, empowerment, and equality. EBay is not only used as a market place, it is also a place to meet with others who share the same interests, have discussions on topics they care about, and also share information with each other using the various communication channels found on the site like bulletin boards, chat rooms, and email services. This culture is what led to the popularity of eBay. How has eBay's cultures contributed to its success? How has it hindered or negatively affected it? The external culture has contributed enormously to the success of eBay. The community's trust, and respect for each other encourages them to buy and sell goods via
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