Leadership Analysis Of Apprentice In Death

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For the Leadership Analysis essay, I chose to read Apprentice in Death – the 43rd installment in the In Death series by New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts, who penned this novel in 2016, under the pseudonym JD Robb. I selected this book for a leadership illustration because leadership and mentorship are pivotal elements in the plot, with multiple instances of painstaking analysis of the relationship between leader and follower. I found these to be cogent observations that manifested as leadership lessons for me as a leader.
First is the leadership evolution of the protagonist, Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas. From the earlier books in the series, the reader witnessed Eve develop as a leader as she rose through the ranks from a uniformed patrol officer to a Homicide Lieutenant, but seldom, if ever, did Eve conduct any introspection as to how her leadership style evolved. The nature of the crimes she investigated in Apprentice In Death compelled Eve to reflect on how she developed her leadership style, and how it correlated to those who had mentored her in the past. For instance, early in the novel Eve approached her former partner, Captain Ryan Feeney, for his insights into the murders she was trying to solve. After their brief conversation, Eve realized the superb mentorship and guidance that Feeney provided Eve early in her career supplied the exact model she was emulating when she herself became a leader and systematically began to compile her own team

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