Leadership Analysis Paper By Richard Miller

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Leadership Analysis Paper

By Richard Miller

PADM 450 Introduction:
The story of Captain D. Michael Abrashoff and his command of USS Benfold has now become legendary inside and outside the Navy. Captain Abrashoff offers this tale of top-down change for anyone trying to navigate today’s uncertain seas. When Captain Abrashoff took over as the commander of USS Benfold, which is a ship that is completely armed with every cutting-edge system available, but unfortunately, the ship was like a business that has all the latest technology but it lacked in productivity and teamwork. Knowing that that the responsibility for improving performance rested with him as the new USS Benfold’s Captain, Abrashoff realized that he had to improve his own leadership skills before he could improve the crew aboard the ship. Within months, Abrashoff created a crew of confident and inspired problem solvers eager to take initiative and responsibility for their actions. The slogan on board became “It’s your ship,” and the USS Benfold was soon recognized far and wide as a model of naval efficiency. (Abrashoff, 2002) From achieving amazing cost savings to winning the highest gunnery score in the Pacific Fleet, Captain Abrashoff’s extraordinary campaign sent shock waves throughout the entire U.S. Navy fleet. By reading this book, it can really help you change the course of your leadership skills, no matter where your battles are fought. As a society, we continue to invest in the latest
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