Leadership Analysis : Professional Engagement Essay

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Professional Engagement
Leaders among the current healthcare environment require navigation of limited resources and consistent change. The following is the Part II of a leadership case study exploring seven various leadership issues including; communication, fiscal management, human resources and staffing, and professional engagement. Leadership input for this case study was gather by a personal interview conducted on September 1, 2016 with Robin Shepherd, Chief Nursing Officer for the healthcare organization where I’m employed. Robin was the pulse of leadership in nursing care standards and provided valuable information to the role of caregiver. Robin provided critical input for the topics of communication, resource management, human resources, and professionalism. Robin oversees nurses for the 234 bed hospital including; emergency room, labor and delivery, medical surgical, and critical care. Robin is responsible for patient care standards, budgets, and side by side leadership and direction of nurse managers. Robin provided great insight into the leadership role and her daily interactions with the largest group of caregiver’s within the organization, nurses!
Leadership and Communication Communication is an important part of nursing to ensure safe patient handling in order to avoid healthcare mistakes. Huber (2014) defines communication as “process in which information, perception, and understanding are transmitted from person to person” (p.111). Robin (personal
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