Leadership Analysis : The360 Degree Leader By John C. Maxwell

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The stresses that we as leaders encounter daily tend to become a problem across all organizations and the leaders of today find themselves facing many challenges such as coaxing people at all levels. For anyone that has led, you know the main part of leadership does not begin at the top, it stems from the middle level leaders. In the book “The360-degree Leader”, authored by John C. Maxwell, he outlines philosophies a leader can implement in an effort to increase significance and empower on all levels of the organization. A leader that follows the 360 model, leading up, leading across, and leading down should be able to apply its principles, in order to be successful. From my experiences, I feel that most supervisors have a feeling that because they are not as high on the management ladder, they are not in a spot to influence their manager, peers, and employees. Following the model allows leaders to use the three different philosophies described by Maxwell, to more effective and efficiently influence others and become an all-around 360-degree leader (Maxwell, 2005). Myths The book begins by outlining some myths that most leaders believe to be true. Maxwell goes in depth to outline the steps to be an effective 360-degree leader, by breaking down the myths and dispelling them. Each myth builds and leads into another one. • Myth #1 describes how individuals tend to think you have to been a certain position or hold a certain title in order to lead others. As many have

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