Leadership Analysis “Twelve Angry Men” Essay

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Leadership Analysis “Twelve Angry Men” Olu Adewumi NCLC 375: Prof. Ampthor The movie “Twelve Angry Men” is about twelve male jurors, brought together in a deliberation room to decide whether a boy is guilty of killing his father. The deliberation starts with an 11-1 vote for guilty. As the movie progresses, the one man who had a reasonable doubt about the guilt or innocent of the young boy, convinces the other members of the jury to question the facts presented. This paper examines the application of leadership concepts in the characters of each juror. Throughout the movie several leaders evolved, the main one being Juror #8, the man who stood…show more content…
All he could say was all of it could have “possibly” not happened. This holds that attaining appropriate leadership behaviors depends on the situation. He conveyed the appropriate attitudes and patience to go along with the readiness level of the other jurors to switch their votes. Juror #8 was also a good listener and this could have also earned him so much respect. For example, he really tried to understand the supported evidence that the stockbroker had to offer. Henry Fonda emerged as a very successful leader because he showed value in others, empathy, seriousness and integrity. For example, he votes not guilty and shows empathy not because he is sure of the boy's innocence, but because he wishes to talk about the serious case without emotionally pre-judging the eighteen-year old boy because he saw value in others and life. He shows empathy because in scenes he asks the jurors to imagine themselves in the boy’s shoes awaiting death sentence, physical abuse and torment by father, growing up in the slums etc. He only asks that each member look deep within them, and be as honest with them selves as possible. Another quality is that of trust. He trusts that the team members will make the right vote. He emerged into a leadership position, all because of the respect he earned by others. They learned a lot from him, as others watching this movie surely did. Leadership is rooted in character.
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