Leadership Analysis of Antony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia

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Antony Fernandes Leadership in Managing the AirAsia Company Name Institution Professor Course Date Abstract AirAsia was rated as one of the worst performing airlines in Asia. Several years back, it experienced tragic underperformance and reported high levels of losses every fiscal year. This was until another new company bought the organization. The latter company was referred to as 'Tune Air'. The important element discussed in this content, is how the C.E.O of AirAsia, Antony Fernandes, revolutionized the company to a multi-billion dollar corporation, that is operating global airline services and has managed to set standards for the other companies to emulate. The focus will aim to analyze critically, the strategic management applications of Tony Fernandes, who introduced a small, despised organization that almost ran out of business, to a reputable organization with international standards. Introduction Tony Fernandes' is the C.E.O of AirAsia Company, and through his capabilities and stewardship, it is an organization to watch and emulate. It has realized success in the service delivery of airlines, which is one of the most competitive business ventures in Asia. Fernandes got the company in its worst position, of domestic services operating only two aircrafts, to a large and well-structured organization that currently operates over forty airlines and offers both international and local carriages. The development and leadership of the organization, as discussed

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