Leadership Analysis of Twelve O'Clock High

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I. OPENING Name: Date: 12/01/2010 Film: Twelve O’Clock High Individual: General Savage Group/Team: 918th Bomb Group B17 Aviators Organization: 918th Bomb Group 8th.AF Army Air Corp “Twelve O’Clock High” has stood the test of time for over 50 years as an in-depth look of leadership in adversity. The compelling characters are buffeted by actual combat scenes that add a stark realism to the dangers faced in combat; both physical and psychological. II. DESCRIPTION OF THE SITUATION Task The leadership analysis will cover General Savage who replaces Colonel Davenport as 918th Bomb Group Commander to repair the group’s substandard performance. ,Twelve O’clock High,” depicts a General’s…show more content…
LESSON: The timeliness and accuracy of decision making comes over time. Seasoned leaders respond to issues with a calculated cool because of years of experience. A key to military officer development are its structured leadership opportunities. General Savage spent many hours in the copilot seat before he sat in the pilot seat. A key to his decision making process is the introspection he developed from watching and being mentored by officers senior to him. iv. Culture: The culture of a combat unit is parallel to none. Combat units develop a cohesive bond that only life threatening event can create. The culture of the 918th was no exception. Two extremes are played out during the command of Colonel Davenport and General Savage. Colonel Davenport became so close to his men that he went to great lengths to protect them. He questioned orders that put his men in harm’s way and made excuses for poor performance. The men admired and respected him, but had a low commitment to their organization. Davenports culture was one were the men were coddled and were not held accountable. General Savage held everyone to a high standard and demanded accountability. During flight briefs he demanded reasons for poor performance. Most importantly poor performance was met with consequences. LESSON: Managers and leaders are the keepers of the culture. Most people in any

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