Leadership Analysis of Winston Churchill

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Leadership Analysis of Winston Churchill Introduction It is difficult to examine leadership as a concept without mentioning Winston Churchill. He was at once a brilliant, petty and compassionate man. He is lauded in many texts as one of the greatest leaders of all times for his actions during World War II, and he received awards as the most recognizable person and greatest leader in the twentieth century. The qualities of leadership he displayed though can be widely debated because he was one thing before the public and another to the people closest to him. There is no doubt that without the redoubtable courage of Winston Churchill Strongly leading the charge, Britain, and maybe the world, would not have survived the chaos of World War II. But, he also did do some amount of harm because of his blind self-confidence. The research paper is about the leadership of Churchill, and it looks specifically at his background, capabilities, and then gives conclusions based on his life that give clues as to what leadership actually is. Leader Background He entered life as one who would live in the privileged class all of his life, but he never seemed to consider himself privileged or above the people. His father was a member of the House of Lords, so he was indoctrinated into politics at an early age. But, he seemed to have an innate knack to understand the inner workings of the political and diplomatic system also. Because of this understanding he would prepare himself for the

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