Leadership And Change : Organization Development ( Od ), And Emergent Change

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Effective marketing leaders normally innovate and adjust rapidly to new business environments to seize emerging opportunities before their competitors. The best method to change is the one that blends best innovations and practices (Leading Change, n.d.). This implies that the approach should be able to balance innovation with organizational performance and embrace strategic experimentation of the new systems without any risking (Leading Change, n.d.). There are various types of change theories and models which help people to be able to understand and then apply to change approach in effectively. Therefore, this essay will examine the definition of leadership and change develop and then critically evaluate planned change, organization development (OD), and emergent change. Comparison and implementation these three approaches will be in the last.
Normally, leaders have a critical role to play in steering change in their organization. Leadership demands fluidity and dynamism, which requires the commitment and ability to lead change (Goldsmith, Greenberg, Robertson, and Hu-Chan, 2003). Leaders should be able to inspire motivation throughout the organization for change in order to ensure a healthy, growing, and dynamic organization. Consequently, in order to lead change successfully, leaders must first understand the change. Once the leader has identified the need for change, they require identifying the best approach to achieve the change. Understanding the change…
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