Leadership And Change : Organization Development ( Od ), And Emergent Change

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Effective marketing leaders normally innovate and adjust rapidly to new business environments to seize emerging opportunities before their competitors. The best method to change is the one that blends best innovations and practices (Leading Change, n.d.). This implies that the approach should be able to balance innovation with organizational performance and embrace strategic experimentation of the new systems without any risking (Leading Change, n.d.). There are various types of change theories and models which help people to be able to understand and then apply to change approach in effectively. Therefore, this essay will examine the definition of leadership and change develop and then critically evaluate planned change, organization…show more content…
Planned Changed According to Burnes (2004), “planned change is primarily aimed at improving the operation and effectiveness of the human side of the organization through participative, group‐ and team‐based programmes of change.” Field theory, group dynamics, and action research are the three stages models that using in the organization change (Burnes, 2006). In addition, Lewin’s (1952) model of planned change holds that change entails a three-stage process including freezing current behavior, moving to the new behavior, and refreezing the new behavior (Todnem, 2005). The advantage of planned change is help to increase an organization’s effectiveness, service ability, and productivity (Planned Change, n.d). Enhancement of the value of goods justifies as planned change in an organization and quality of the products is the term of success of the organization. However, one weakness of this approach is its basis on the assumption that firms act under constant environments that can be factored and planned for. Furthermore, the planned change is not able to combine with the radical change and transformation change due to it is too simple while the organizational changes is a continuous process to all. Organization Development (OD) As stated by W, Warner Burke, “ Organizational development or OD is a planned
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