Leadership And Change : Ten O ' Clock High Essay

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Leadership & Change Final Exam - Twelve O’clock High 1. Please discuss in depth the following theories as portrayed in the film • Leadership Challenges The challenges that leaders face while managing is known as leadership challenges. The leadership challenges portrayed in the film are as follows: o Stay motivated o Act immediately o Motivate the military personnel o Proper use of the human resources o Implement successful planning strategy • Why Leaders Fail There are various reasons why leaders fail. It always depends upon the situation how the leader is acting and what is the need of the situation. In the context of the film various reasons why leaders fail are as follows: o Focusing to be a role model rather than acting according to the situation. o Less/no belief in the group o Keith Davenport was using kind and soft approach to lead the leaders o No place for discipline and workplace ethics o Unexplained absentees o Lack of proper conduct and motivation o No proper plan before executing it • Theory X and Y Theory X and Y has been introduced by Douglas McGregor and the application of these theories can be clearly portrayed in this film. Lack of Motivation, No interest in the work, Absentees are some of the factors that defines Theory X. This theory can be seen in Keith Davenport 's leadership. He was so closely connected with the officers that he was not willing to take any action. Besides, he did not have faith in them which prevented him to motivate them. As, a

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