Leadership And Cinematic Themes Of The Film And Media

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Introduction Leadership is commonly defined as an act of leading an organization or a group of people for some cause or purpose. In every field of life, reflection of leadership is evident, whether it’s an organizational environment or some other social setting (Stewart, 2010). Humans live and work together to progress, and in this respect, one of the individuals has to take the lead and drive others too towards achieving success (Lintz, 2003). Similarly, the film and media also play a role in teaching the general public about how leadership is important and exercised in a setting. That being said, this purpose is aimed at presenting a leadership in film reflection through highlighting different leadership and cinematic themes. The reflection will primarily develop appreciation of the film through leadership in action. In this respect, the paper will talk about distinguishing the artistic means of music, imagery, costume, and historical footage etc. The paper will also talk about how the direction has used these elements to signify leadership bias and other issues. The effect of leader on organizational culture and vice versa will also be discussed, which will then be followed by a conclusion. The scholarly evidence will also be provided while presenting analysis. The film chosen for this purpose is Patton, which was released in 1970.
Description of Artistic Means in Film Patton
The film Patton is considered as one of the best movies of 1970s. The director of this film was
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