Leadership And Clinical Governance Assessment

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HNN320: Leadership and Clinical Governance
Assessment Task 1

In the healthcare setting the registered nurse (RN) is required to assume a leadership position, the RN needs exhibit numerous leadership skills to effectively lead within a healthcare team. This paper will reflect upon and critically discuss the leadership role of the RN in ensuring quality and safe patient care, with ideas drawn from the Dr Lucy Cuddihy interviews (2015). Effective communication is an essential leadership skill that is required by the RN to provide quality and safe care in the healthcare setting, if communication is misconstrued it can cause irreparable damage or increase the risk of unnecessary errors. Patient centred care is also an important leadership skill for the RN, as it ensures that patients receive the best possible care. The most important leadership role for an RN is continuous professional development, as this promotes the use of latest knowledge in the healthcare setting.

Leadership is a highly important part of any organization but it is essential in the health care setting. The registered nurse (RN) is required to act as a leader in many situations, whether in an official capacity or non-official capacity. In addition, effective leadership demonstrates reliability in performance; it produces long-term remunerations for those involved, either in the recipient of care or in the delivery of care (Makaroff et al. 2014). In the healthcare setting it becomes highly relevant for the…
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