Leadership And Communication Strategies For Effective Leadership

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Leadership and Communication
What is leadership? There are various definitions of this particular term according to various needs of the organizations and employees and they all qualify in one way or another. Though the definition that most resonates with me one by buckingham (2005), “what defines a leader is his preoccupation with a “the better future”, he carries a vivid image of what the future could be and it drives him on, and he shows this picture to his followers, persuades them into believing the future he envisions and transforms their fear of the unknown in confidence of the future” (pg. 59). And while he does this, there is clear form of communication from the top of the food chain, where he resides as CEO in this case, to the bottom of the food chain in successive levels of leadership. Therefore, communication is necessary tool for effective leadership.
Communication Strategies for Effective Leadership Time and time again through studies, researchers have found communication to be one of the most important skill for leadership. Several studies such as Mumford, campion and morgeson (2007) where 1000 various level of managers were tested and found that oral and written communication were one of the most important aspect of the leadership skills; moreover, maes, weldy, & icenogle (1997) studied what 354 managers identified as the most important competencies for leaders, and they identified communication skill as the most important, which included listening,
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