Leadership And Communication : What Makes An Effective Leader?

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Leadership and Communication
There is leadership in all of us, although some of us may not realize that we are capable to lead others in some degree. The world has seen its fair share of leaders, both effective and ineffective ones; some had used his leadership in negative lights such as Manuel Noriega, former Panamanian Dictator or positive ones such as that of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Despite their differences, both leaders were very effective in their crafts. One may ask “What make an effective leader?” In my opinion, communication is the key. In order for leaders to succeed, they should be able to strategically communicate to their audiences.
Strategic Communication
Strategic communication is defined as “communication aligned with the company’s overall strategy, to enhance its strategic positioning.” (Argenti, Howell, & Beck, 2005) The definition of strategic communication is fairly broad and seems to be organization oriented. While the success and prosperity may be the goals for most institutions; one must not forget that leaders lead people, not a room full of objects. Communication is very important to every leader however, it is not as simple as telling a subordinate to go on this mission or finish this task. A good leader must have a blueprint and possess the ability to implement such communication strategically. There are many elements in strategic communications and they are all equally important.
Every leader must learn to listen; it may appear to be…
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