Leadership And Effective Leadership For Learning

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Schools must meet the challenges of a changing educational climate and effective leadership is crucial in helping to guide the whole school community through the potentially treacherous waters of change. This assignment will delve into the complexity of leadership and will emphasize that whilst leaders can attempt to create conditions to help schools improve, they are not solely responsible for the outcome of the education process. Fullan (2001) posits that effective school leadership has the ability to manage educational change by building strong relationships and establishing a moral purpose. Therefore, the school leader has the orchestral role of subtly creating the conditions necessary for pupils and staff to thrive. This assignment will focus primarily on three of the preconditions for effective Leadership for Learning, mentioned with the assignment title: the role of shared leadership, explicit conversations and the creation of settings, mindsets, and strategies conducive to learning. The writer feels, that effective leaders can transform the idea of mutual accountability into 'moral accountability '. Therefore this section can be interwoven within each of these three strands of Leadership for Learning mentioned; in a sense mutual or moral accountability could be interpreted as a by-product of effective leadership. • Shared leadership. Build structures and cultures that invite and sustain participation in leadership, encourages all members of the school community to
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