Leadership And Emotional Intelligence : An Effective Leader

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: An effective leader is defined as a person who is followed by the others, in other words “leadership is a process of influencing others to achieve organizational goals, creating a vision for others and having the power to translate the vision into realism.” Leadership is a skill in which the leader tries to modify and shape the behavior of others. It has been understood throughout the history and culture that people had been looking towards leaders for assurance in case of uncertainty, threat or the task had been completed. A leadership is a true picture of people’s emotions. Leaders have to play a major role in an organization related to achieve his goals.Producing and output of the employees. The basic objective of a leader is to build and maintain a high yielding team. A successful leader influence and guide the relationships in an organization. Better communication skills, ability to persuade others are also important characteristics of a leader. Whereas, emotional intelligence is the capability of a person to deal successfully with other people, management of his owns self, motivation of other peoples, understanding feelings of others and to react according to everyday environment. Emotional intelligence does not involve being gentle, it means using your emotions in the right way for leadership. Emotional intelligence is very important for all employees as well as it is one of the major deciding factor for relationship manager
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