Leadership And Followership Assessment. Teaching Is A Complex

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Leadership and Followership Assessment Teaching is a complex profession in which the individual is simultaneously a leader and a follower. They work independently and in teams with clear objectives that must be met to ensure not only personal success but that of their students and school. In recent years, more attention has been placed on followership in the field of education. Robert Darwin Nigel Ammon explained that, “leadership provides the opportunity to influence the lives of each and every person that you may encounter, followership promotes collaboration and allows you to learn from others and in certain contexts to teach others, and service addresses the highest calling of all.” (Annon, 2013)
Robert Kelly, professor at the
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How can the teacher improve in followership? One way is through the guidance of a mentor. Many first-year teachers are assigned mentors with more teaching experience who can guide them through the struggles of classroom management and other tasks, including followership. However, even a teacher who has many years of experience can benefit from another teacher’s input.
An area of weakness the teacher identified in her self-assessment is understanding the leader’s needs, goals, and constraints. This area can be improved on through one on one communication and by asking specific questions of the leader to better understand what they need from her as a follower. She can also conduct further research about the teacher-principal relationship and discover the best ways to build a strong working relationship with the leader of the school. (Annon, 2013) School environments are highly interactive and the ability to developed positive relationships among the staff members has a significant effect on student and teacher performances. Continued efforts to improve interpersonal skills and communication is a great way to improve on followership skills like empathy and authenticity.
The principal of a school communicates the district and state guidelines, as well as, academic requirements for all the students in a school. These directives must be
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