Leadership And Gender Differences Of A Man And A Woman

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Leadership and Gender Differences The term "Leadership” is defined to lead the followers the right path. Many people have a view that a leader will not exist until and unless he has followers. I feel this view is true as a single person is not capable of doing all the works just by himself/herself. When leadership comes the big question arises "How people are leading the followers?" "Is there any difference between a leadership of a man and a woman”? So, due to all these questions leadership seems to be very vast. If we see the ancient view then in those days men were seen as the bread winners and women were seen as the homemakers. Today, women has broken all those myths and is coming forwards as a successful leader. It is very common…show more content…
Stereotype plays a vital role in the matters such as how people behave with each other’s. Situations are not always the same and the behavior of people too changes according to the situation and circumstances. Many people believe that stereotypes are always negative, but this is not true all the time. Sometimes, the truth is being overshadowed by the term stereotype and the myths related to it. The perspective of judging people on the basis of their gender is one of the oldest practice. Believes such as men are meant to go out and work whereas women are meant to be in the home and take care of it is one of the oldest believe. In Romania there were very few women in publication business involved in the top position than men. The data analysis done in Romania in various fields showed that men actively participated in almost all the fields such as science, technology, agriculture etc. whereas in the field such as occupation the women involvement seems to be much more higher than men (Cinlac, 2013). The argument about leadership difference between men and women can be said as a long term debate. The perception of people vary from one another and there too exists the difference in the situations which makes the scenario different from one another. This article has tried to focus just on the leadership styles used by the different leaders. The environment, culture and so on plays a vital role on how a leader thinks. A leader
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