Leadership And Influence Of Leadership

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Leadership is a trait that has both fascinated me, yet eluded me for most of my life. Some say great leaders are born, I however disagree. I believe the qualities of leadership are born out of someone’s experiences, passion, and ambition.

My first real exposure to leadership started in 2013, when at the age of 28, I unexpectedly became the youngest manager at my former employer, a company with over 100 managers. This was an institution where seniority was most valued and I was now thrust into managing the critical section of Wireless Engineering, supervising staff who were all older and more experienced than myself.

The role was at first daunting as I struggled to balance the demands of upper management
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She was surprisingly appreciative and I tried my best to return the favor by creating an interesting presentation, demonstrating how engineers solved real world problems. Afterward, I was informed that it was not only the best guest lecture they ever received but that I created a wealth of excitement in her students to join working world.

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. Following these inspired words, combined with my past experience, provided me with the courage I needed to resign my job and follow my long dormant dreams studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. In Edinburgh, I led two group projects, one of which involved a robotics competition where my group won first place out of 13 groups. Despite the naysayers to my chosen field, I successfully completed my study and I’m now more passionate than ever to contribute to fields pertaining to this area, particularly data science.


Given my wireless engineering background, I often see some parallels with the engineering and social characterization of networking. One important lesson from engineering concepts is that the more connections you have, the more resilient your network is to failure. That lesson can be most aptly applied to interpersonal networking where a wide and diverse web leads not just to opportunity, but wisdom in absorbing the life experiences of these persons.
I’ve always strongly believed that a wide
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