Leadership And Its Effect On Employee 's Productivity

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Leadership is a crucial concept in the organizational sciences and has prompted many researchers to study its effects and benefits on management as well as its effects on employee’s productivity. In the structure of an organization or institution, the position of leadership is fundamental for its proper function and operation.
Leadership is about having the ability to influence others. Having influence means that there is a greater need on the part of leadership positions to exercise their influence ethically and responsibly. It is the process of influencing and motivating others in order to achieve the goals that have been set (Yukl 2006).
Overall, the process of leadership is the ability to influence your followers, your colleagues,
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More importantly it means that leadership is not restricted to just one person in a group who has a formal position of power. Leadership has a significant impact on employee job performance and satisfaction because leaders have the power to motivate others and enforce the organization’s norms, policies, and viewpoints. Leaders are central to influencing an organizations corporate culture, as well as employee development and performance (Alshammari, Almutairi & Thuwaini 2015; Mihelic, Lipenik & Tekavcic 2010).

Employees and Organizational Commitment

Employee Commitment, Job Satisfaction, and Performance
Employees have thoughts or perspectives about aspects of their jobs, their careers, and the organizations where they work. Employee performance is one of the areas of organizational commitment to be valued by a company, because the performance of its employees determines whether or not an organization achieves its goals.
An organization 's success depends on the way in which employees perceive its function and quality. This includes the employees ' physical and mental health, sense of happiness and social well being, which are all attributes of job satisfaction (Belias & Koustelios 2014).
Job satisfaction is an organizational topic that has been widely researched because it describes the pleasant or positive emotions employee 's feel in appreciation for their occupation or work experience
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