Leadership And Leadership Development : Army Leadership

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The following definitions relate to words or terms with meanings distinctive to leadership and Leadership development.
Army Leadership: For the purposes of the discussion in the research, Army leadership is “the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization (Field Manual 6-22, 2013). People who perform above and beyond what is expected of them possess an internal desire to succeed no matter the challenges, it’s not done to be an over achiever. According to (Hargreaves & Harris, 2015), they have an inspiring and definable destination to reach for – a compelling dream rather than a core purpose, still less a numerical indicator of superiority. Organizations that perform above expectations, rather, often have to confront failure, derision and even the prospect of extinction in a way that galvanizes their commitment to change. An improbable dream begets an apparently impossible challenge. Most of our leaders at some time had faced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle (Hargreaves & Harris, 2015).
Civilian Leader: is defined as an Army civilian who holds direct supervisory responsibility for other Army civilians and/or uniformed personnel. For the purposes of this research, civilian leaders are classified into one of two groups: managers or first line supervisors.
Basis of Army Leadership: All Army team members, Soldiers and civilians alike must have a basis of understanding
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